LiquidStack Announces Single-Phase Liquid Cooling Solution

LiquidStack Announces Single-Phase Liquid Cooling Solution

Join us in empowering data centers to become energy efficient

Pioneering and delivering high performance, cost-effective and reliable liquid cooling solutions to solve the most challenging thermal management needs of IT infrastructure in centralized and edge data centers around the world.

That’s our mission at LiquidStack.

Our new single-phase liquid cooling solution marks a significant step in fulfilling LiquidStack’s mission. We are proud to continue the expansion of our DataTank™ product portfolio, which includes the world’s most advanced liquid cooled data center solutions. 

At LiquidStack, we are committed to innovation. It’s how our company began and it defines who we are today and will continue to be. We devote 50% of our expenses to R&D and building our ‘technology stack.’ And that’s why our single-phase liquid cooling solution is just one of many exciting developments to come. 

As we do with all our liquid cooling innovations, we designed our single-phase immersion technology to be best-in-class, with industry-leading performance and efficiency. Ultimately, we believe this new offering will make sustainable, eco-friendly liquid cooling accessible for many more data centers and organizations.

Key points to know about our new single-phase liquid cooling solution

  • Industry-Leading Efficiency: performs better than W3 ASHRAE thermal guidelines at >2.8kW/U, making it AI ready
  • A High Performance of >110kW: overtakes leading competitive single-phase liquid immersion systems that are rated at under 100kW per full size tank at similar conditions
  • Advanced Flow Technology and Flow Dynamics: significantly improves heat transfer
  • Environmentally friendly: uses non-hazardous dielectric fluids
  • Server Scalability: occupies the exact footprint that holds four typical 19” or 21” racks, and is designed to enable data centers to easily retrofit existing white space and adopt liquid cooling 
  • Flexible for most IT systems: integrates multiple IT form factors, including 1U, 2U, 4U, 600mm, 750mm, OCP, ORV3 and more 
  • Expandable Resiliency: offers an expandable N to 2N Tier IV redundancy system to ensure high resiliency and reliable operations
  • Easy Deployment: includes features that simplify installation and serviceability
  • Compatibility: integrates with LiquidStack modular data center solutions as well as Trane® chillers and services

This is your chance to take part

LiquidStack is offering a technical exchange under NDA to provide advance access to product performance specifications and budget pricing for our new single-phase cooling solution, with pre-order starting December 1, 2023 and Q3 2024 delivery. To be considered, interested companies can contact us at

Joe Capes, CEO, LiquidStack

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