Liquid Cooling for Next Gen Computing

Unmatched Performance for Hyperscale, Edge, High Performance Computing, and Cryptocurrency Mining

Cooling the Next Generation of Computing

High performance computing (HPC) and data-intensive technology applications like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI, crypto mining, and high-definition video processing use servers and chips that produce too much heat for air cooling to be practical or efficient. Liquid cooling provides significantly greater capacity to reject heat by unit volume, enabling the increased power densities that these technologies demand.

Delivering Cost-Saving and Sustainability Benefits

Liquid cooling reduces energy use, space and materials, while enabling higher density per rack and the ability to run the hottest processors that next generation compute workloads such as generative AI demand.

Cooling Capacity for Unmatched Server Density

Liquid cooling removes thermal bottlenecks at the device and facility level.

Air Cooling

Direct-to-Chip (Water)

Direct-to-Chip (Refrigerant)

1-Phase Immersion Cooling (Oil)

1-Phase Immersion Cooling

2-Phase Immersion Cooling

Density per rack (kW)

Advanced Cooling Resources

Data Sheet

DataTank™ 4U Data Sheet


Liquid Cooling: The Key to Data Center Sustainability

LiquidStack: Defying the cooling convention for a new generation of edge, data center and distributed computing

Liquid cooling innovator since 2012

Extensive patent portfolio and growing

World’s first Innovation Center for
2-phase immersion liquid cooling

Up to 21x more heat rejection per IT rack compared to air cooling, up to 41% reduction in energy used for cooling

Silent, sustainable and environmentally friendly – no water required for heat rejection

Working with the world’s largest hyperscalers and data center operators

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