Single Phase Immersion Cooling DataTank™

Provides up to 110kW of cooling capacity in less than 4 racks

Why Single Phase Immersion Cooling DataTank?

With up to 110kW of cooling capacity (2.8kW/U), LiquidStack’s Single Phase Immersion DataTank provides the highest cooling capacity on the market. Its thermal design power (TDP) supports chips rated up to 1,000W (B100). Its advanced flow technology optimizes heat transfer and rejection, with as low as 1.03 pPUE by leveraging warmer water temperatures, minimizing mechanical cooling power consumption. It has optimized system dimensions for datacenter retrofit and modular containers by ensuring they fit between 4 x 600mm rack spaces and sideways in a standard ISO container.

The highest cooling capacity on the market, supporting chip TDPs up to 1,000W

LiquidStack’s advanced flow technology maximizes cooling flow and heat transfer by directing fluid into server chassis to cool servers equipped with the latest high TDP chips. Its improved energy efficiency and additional fluid distribution throughout the unit further enhance cooling effectiveness.

  • Over 55% white space savings LiquidStack single phase immersion vs air cooling
  • 80% mechanical energy savings (PUE) using immersion instead of air
  • As low as 1.03 pPUE by leveraging warmer water temperatures, minimizing mechanical cooling power consumption
  • Immediate ROI due to facility size and energy usage reduction

Benefits At-a-Glance

  • Up to 110kW of cooling capacity (2.8kW/U)
  • Advanced fluid distribution manifold and fluid return channels for maximum heat transfer
  • Compact design fits 36OU / 40RU in less than four rack spaces (4 x 600mm)
  • Dual VSD fluid pumps for N+1 redundancy – to achieve concurrently maintainable operation
  • EIA and ORV3 rack mounting rails to support 19” or 21” servers up to 900mm depth

Simple to Manage and Scale

  • Top and bottom piping and electrical feeds for new or raised floor environments
  • Solid tank body with no penetrations below the liquid line to eliminate any concern of leaks
  • Four full length PDUs to support up to 110kW of power distribution at N+1 (provisions for ORV3 busbar)
  • Native MODBUS TCP/IP or RESTful API remote management

Optimized, User-Friendly Design

  • Space optimized communication cable pass-throughs behind lid supports up to 88 RJ45s
  • Easy-lift auto-hold lid with 1.2m front service height for ergonomic accessibility
  • Dual, front-mounted electrical panels for easy access and redundant operation
  • Casters, leveling feet, forklift pockets, and floor anchoring brackets for easy transport and installation.

Space Savings

  • Up to 36OU / 40RU of equivalent U space
  • Up to 900mm depth to support deep servers
  • Designed to fit within four standard IT rack spaces (4 x 600mm)
  • No rear serviceability required so systems can be placed back-to- back

Quality and Standards

  • UL compliant, customizable for local compliance
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Factory tested prior to shipping for high reliability and predictable results

Typical applications

Regional edge uses cases include retrofitting existing data center infrastructure, artificial intelligence, OTT, advanced cloud services, video and graphics rendering, high performance computing (HPC), and other low latency, high processing applications in the following sectors:

  • Colocation
  • Telecommunication
  • Enterprise (industrial, oil and gas)
  • High Performance Compute (HPC)
  • Cryptomining
  • Government and military

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