Complete Liquid Cooling Provider for Hyperscale, Edge and High Performance Computing

“Data center efficiency gains
have stalled.” —Uptime Institute

As compute (CPU, GPU, ASIC) power packages have steadily increased, traditional air cooling is reaching its practical limitations for performance, efficiency and TCO.

Until now.

LiquidStack Advanced Liquid Cooling Solutions by Industry

LiquidStack is paving the way toward an efficient, sustainable future for hi-flux chips, optimized Data Centers and distributed computing.

HPC Solutions
Aggregated Compute, Super Computers & Extreme Scaling
Data Center Solutions
Hyperscale, Enterprise, Colocation & DataCom Facilities
Edge/5G Solutions
Local Edge, Regional Edge, 5G & Micro Data Centers

Why Leaders Choose LiquidStack

Breakthrough cooling performance benefits

  • 21x more heat rejection per IT rack compared to air cooling
  • 41% reduction in energy used for cooling
  • No water required for heat rejection
  • Silent operation
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Lower capital, construction and operating costs

up to 44%

CAPEX reduction vs. high efficiency air cooling

up to 60%

reduction in data center white space

up to 30%

reduction in data center construction time due to simplified long-lead infrastructure

up to 90%

of IT heat load cooled using liquid

The most experienced advanced cooling provider
with the largest install base

US Headquarters

11 Apex Drive, Suite 300, Marlborough, MA 01752, USA

Global Headquarters

LiquidStack Holding B.V. Strawinskylaan 3051 Amsterdam 1077 ZX The Netherlands

World’s Densest Liquid Cooled Data Center

Republic of Georgia

World’s Largest Liquid Cooling Data Center


Innovation Center

Global Trade Centre, Units 305-307, 3/F, 15 Wing Kin Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

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