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LiquidStack offers a range of standard and custom 2-phase immersion cooling solutions to fit the unique needs of modern data centers, edge computing and high performance computing chips.


Our in-house Research, Engineering & Development team has the capability to design 2-phase immersion liquid cooling solutions for virtually any data center, edge or high performance computing application. We welcome the opportunity to tackle your most complex cooling and thermal management challenges.

Transformational Cooling Benefits for GPUs and Hi-Flux Chips

Today’s incredibly powerful chips – like the Cerebras™ chip with 1.2 trillion transistors – require transformational cooling. These chips cannot achieve their compute potential when 75% of the device that houses them is devoted to cooling.

The challenges faced by the creators of the Cerebras™ chip are shared by manufacturers of GPUs and other hi-flux chips. They are likewise shared by hardware manufacturers who build devices – such as micro data centers for edge computing – that need to deliver high compute power in modular packages close to end users.

LiquidStack offers custom solutions for the most challenging thermal needs. We provide a range of testing and verification services to cool the most powerful solutions on the market today.

LiquidStack Immersion Cooling Solutions in Action

48kW Demo with 20 NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs

  • 8U 2-Phase Immersion Cooling Tank
  • Max. 48kW Cooling Capacity
  • Hardware in the Front: 20x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs, Dual Intel® Xeon® CPUs
  • Hardware in the Back: Custom ASIC Hardware
    • Up to 2kW per Board
    • 2.5mm distance from Board to Board
    • 12kW in only a 1U Slot
  • Cooling System Efficiency: PUE 1.01

2U-21IN Transparent Tank

  • 2U GIGABYTE™ G291-2GO Server
  • 2x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6150 CPUs
  • 16x GIGABYTE™ RTX 2080 GPUs
  • 4kW+ Cooling Capacity
  • Water Cooling Radiators

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